Victoria Michell - LSL Land & New Homes

Victoria Michell is the Marketing Director at LSL Land & New Homes, overseeing marketing strategies for New Homes and Land sites across the UK and Scotland, within the LSL Franchising division. 

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing, and possessing extensive experience across blue chip companies, her recent 12-year involvement in the property marketing industry has provided her with a profound comprehension of the complexities within this dynamic sector.

Victoria’s leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving the success of numerous marketing campaigns. Her ability to identify target markets, analyse customer behaviour and leverage emerging trends enables her to deliver exceptional results. By harnessing innovative techniques and effectively utilising various digital platforms, she has consistently maximised brand exposure and generated substantial leads for the organisation.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Victoria’s management approach. She excels at building and nurturing cross-functional relationships and industry partnerships.

With her keen market insights and data-driven decision-making, Victoria consistently stays ahead of industry trends and adapts strategies to optimise performance. She remains dedicated to continuous learning, regularly attending professional development seminars and keeping abreast of the latest marketing techniques and technologies.

Victoria’s contributions have been pivotal in establishing LSL Land & New Homes as a prominent force in the property market. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her strategic mindset and extensive experience, make her an invaluable asset to the organisation and a trusted leader in the field of property marketing.

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